Your reliable partner when every second counts.

Paramedics, firefighters, uniformed and undercover police – everyone who works in the emergency services has one thing in common: their work requires outstanding performance in high-pressure situations. And they demand the same of their vehicles.

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Police work poses a particular challenge for a BMW. Daily use and high mileage allow it to show its true character: high reliability and performance with exemplary economy, long maintenance intervals and the innovative system, Condition Based Service, which automatically arranges the next garage appointment. This makes investing in a BMW Authority Vehicle something that pays off in the long term.


Fires, road traffic accidents, storms and lots more – the fire brigade is always on the go, helping people everywhere. The priorities here are performance, security and reliability. The BMW is well equipped for such operations and can meet any challenge.


In an emergency, saving a life often comes down to a matter of seconds. This means emergency services demand a lot of their vehicles – they must be reliable, safe and fast. The BMW meets these requirements in full: using state-of-the-art active and passive safety systems, it gets its crew to the scene in the shortest possible time.


BMW Motorrad motorcycles are perfectly suited to demanding assignments in urban environments and over short distances, where speed of response is critical. The company has been driving advances in motorcycling safety standards for over 20 years, with innovations such as ABS and lightweight construction. It also leads the way in comprehensiveness of offering – it provides a range of motorcycles, safety suits and helmets specially designed for use by the emergency services, all of which set new standards in terms of quality, safety and aerodynamic performance.