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BMW Apps My BMW App on smartphones


The My BMW App suits you as well as your BMW. It is the direct connection to the vehicle, even when you are not sitting in your BMW – and much more than that. Are you already thinking about where you want to go next? With the My BMW App, a concrete plan quickly becomes reality. Enter a destination in the navigation while you are still sitting on the sofa at home. Check whether you should refuel beforehand, or ventilate the interior in advance. With the My BMW App, the driving pleasure begins before you've even set off. But even if you already got out of the car, the My BMW App is your perfect companion. If you are not sure whether you have locked your vehicle, you can simply check this in the app and lock your BMW at any time using the smartphone. For optimum maintenance of your BMW, the My BMW App is your direct line to your BMW Partner. Book your next service appointment or contact your personal adviser directly if you have any questions about your BMW. If, despite everything, something does go wrong, you will receive quick and uncomplicated help in the event of a breakdown via the My BMW App.

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BMW Apps BMW Connected Classic


Plan trips, avoid traffic and unlock your BMW remotely – enjoy these and more services with the BMW Connected Classic app. This application enables you to use general and vehicle-related functions safely and comfortably before, during and after driving your BMW.*

* For the use a BMW with a production date form July 2013 is required, which has the special equipment 'Apps' or 'ConnectedDrive Services' (dependent on market and model). The following models, still produced after July 2013 are excluded: 1 Series Convertible, 1 Series Coupé, 3 Series Convertible (model from 2010), X1 (model from 2009), X5 (model from 2006), X6 (model from 2008) and Z4 (model from 2009 on).

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BMW iV is a new app for use within your home network that offers the functionality for remotely controlling the charging operation of your electric or hybrid vehicle with a BMW i Wallbox or Connect. It also enables you to charge your vehicle when it is most convenient and efficient.

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BMW Apps BMW Advanced Car Eye 2.0


The BMW Advanced Car Eye 2.0 consists of two high-quality Full HD wide-angle cameras for your vehicle. It uses radar and vibration sensors to detect critical situations and record them for use as evidence. The Advanced Car Eye 2.0 app is your screen and control center for your cameras. You can watch and download your recorded videos and pictures as well as record videos and pictures manually. In addition, you can perform all settings via the Advanced Car Eye 2.0 app:

Recording modes

Recording criteria

Video / image information

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BMW Apps BMW India BMW Customer App


For BMW India customers, there’s now an easier way to not only book their vehicle service but also access a host of other benefits and services from the world of BMW. Presenting the BMW Customer App, an intuitive app from BMW India that will become your one-stop destination for all things BMW. So, if you are a BMW owner, download the BMW Customer app and book your next vehicle service with just a few taps of your mobile screen. With this app, you will also be able to track your BMW’s service from the moment it arrives at a BMW Service Centre to the moment you are handed back your keys. But that’s not where the benefits end. Next time you need assistance on the road, simply reach for your mobile and through the BMW Customer App request for Roadside Assistance in a matter of seconds. These are just some of the ways in which the BMW Customer App will take your BMW ownership experience many notches higher. Download now to begin your experience.

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BMW Apps 24/7 Service App


The 24/7 Service App is developed to make your Service appointment at your official BMW or MINI dealer faster, more flexible and easy. You can book an appointment when and where you want or just communicate with your dealer in a digital way. You avoid traffic jams by dropping off or picking up your car outside the opening hours. You find all information about your dealer, your maintenance contract or your current appointment in just a few clicks. The 24/7 Service app guides you in a smooth way through each appointment and keeps you up to date.

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BMW Apps BMW Loyality+


Digitalization at its finest. Discover, track and engage with our new mobile app that’s been designed to make life on the go as smooth as your ride. Get the latest updates on events, privileged benefits and discover the convenience of BMW Financing that is always there for you and your drive.

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*The My BMW app is compatible with all BMW vehicles from the 2014 model year onwards in conjunction with the option ConnectedDrive Services and a compatible smartphone. The availability and functions of the My BMW App may vary depending on the country.

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