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Original BMW Service. Every Model. Every Age. Every one is welcome.

“NEITHER AGE NOR BEAUTY COUNTS, ONLY BMW.”Original BMW Service. Every Model. Every Age. Every one is welcome.

Why worry about age? Instead of counting the years, it’s much better to count the unforgettable moments in life. The same applies to your BMW. It’s not about how old it is, but about the wonderful adventures you can still expect to experience together. That’s why there is BMW Service.

The first-class offers from BMW Service ensure that you and your BMW are in the best possible hands. Experienced specialists use Original BMW Parts to ensure that your BMW also remains an original. From the long-term service packages by BMW Service Inclusive via the attractive all-inclusive prices of BMW Value Service through to the BMW Breakdown and Accident Service, the Warranty Extension or BMW Teleservices: we offer you a comprehensive range of premium services – for every BMW model, for your individual requirements and for the many carefree kilometres that still lie ahead of you.

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  • 01 Best value for money
  • 02 Usage of only Original BMW Parts
  • 03 Service specialists with BMW Expertise
  • 04 Transparent and attractive all-inclusive prices
  • 05 Every BMW is welcome


Discover our service offers: BMW Service Inclusive, BMW Value Service, Check & Maintenance, Repair & Care and BMW Extended Warranty.

In order to provide you with the perfect service solution, your BMW Partner has two different offers to choose from: the long-term service package BMW Service Inclusive and BMW Value Service with attractive all-inclusive prices for individually bookable services. Whether vehicle check, maintenance, repair or care: your BMW gets exactly the service it needs from our service specialists. For all those who like to travel without worries there is the BMW Extended Warranty: Cover yourself against unexpected repair costs for a period of up to 5 years from first registration date.

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BMW Service Inclusive.

It’s not always easy to take it all in one’s stride. For more peace of mind, there’s BMW Service Inclusive. With only one payment, you’re covered for the duration of your choice for all included service and maintenance tasks. With no hidden costs. So you know what to expect in the future: perfect service for your BMW, no matter how old it is. Because our offer is also attractive for BMWs with many kilometres on the clock.

Your benefits:

• Attractive cost saving compared to standalone services.
• Full cost control and transparency.
• Different packages for different needs, for new and used cars.
• Service specialists with BMW know-how and Original BMW Parts, as well as BMW-approved engine oil.
• High resale value thanks to automatic transferability to the next owner.
• Available at all participating BMW Service Partners worldwide.


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BMW Value Service.

There are many things in life you can’t predict. Therefore, it’s even better when some things are clear and transparent right from the start. So that you and your BMW don’t encounter any unexpected surprises, we offer BMW Value Service for our individually bookable services, such as an oil change. With our Value Service you are always on the safe side. There are no unexpected additional costs, because an attractive all-inclusive price covers both parts and labour. But it’s not only full transparency you can rely on – there’s also the perfect service quality of your BMW Partner.


Your benefits:
• High-quality, convenient and cost-effective service performed by BMW specialists with Original BMW Parts.
• Attractive and transparent all-inclusive prices that include all parts and services.
• Prices are always transparent and easy to understand.
• BMW Value Service offers the appropriate service for every BMW model.

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BMW Service employee explains BMW Service Warranty extension to BMW Service customer

BMW Extended Warranty for new cars.

By choosing a BMW the future is secure thanks to the BMW Dealer Warranty. With a BMW Extended Warranty you can even prolong this secure feeling for up to 5 years providing you comprehensive protection against any unexpected repair costs, valid worldwide.

For more information about the BMW Extended Warranty please contact your local BMW Partner.

Your benefits:

• Extension of the warranty for new vehicles to up to 5 years from first registration date (max. 200,000 km).
• Full cost control as well as quick and convenient correction of defects.
• Available at all participating BMW Service Partners worldwide.
• The vehicle’s value is preserved through the use of Original BMW Parts to correct the defects.
• Increased resale value through transferability to the next owner.


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BMW Service customer and BMW Service employees discuss check and maintenance

Check and Maintenance.

Whether your BMW needs a special check, a service or a legally prescribed vehicle inspection – our experienced BMW service specialists know your vehicle best and always offer you a proficient service. With innovative diagnostic and programming technologies, BMW Service ensures that your BMW always remains in peak condition – for maximum driving pleasure.

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Child paints a BMW with brush and paint

Repair and Care.

Some special memories we like to cherish – while others we prefer not to. With your BMW as a constant companion, you can collect a whole host of these memories. There are some adventures that you might prefer to reverse though. With Original BMW Repairs and Services you can permanently cherish the pleasant moments – even if your vehicle has been occasionally confused with a sketch pad. Our specialists share your standards of quality, aesthetics and safety and make sure that you don’t have to part with these unique moments – even if they have been imprinted on the paintwork.

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Keep the real feeling. With Original BMW Parts.

Every day your BMW delivers high performance, and if it is to remain fully functional, there must be flawless interplay between all parts. This is why you should select Original BMW Parts: perfect performance can only be achieved if all parts are precisely matched to the requirements of each individual BMW model. Original BMW New Parts are subject to the same standards of quality as BMW vehicles – from construction planning to quality assurance. The precision and high-quality construction of each Original BMW New Part guarantees that all components in your BMW work together perfectly – for optimum performance and maximum safety and longevity.


BMW Service employee at BMW Oil Service

BMW Oil Service. Exactly what your BMW needs.

Original BMW Engine Oils are perfectly tailored to the BMW TwinPower Turbo engines. For more performance and full driving pleasure.
Original BMW Engine Oil is designed to perfectly match BMW Engines and has an important engine function.

• Improved engine performance and fuel efficiency.
• Increased engine lifecycle.
• Improved corrosion and wear protection for critical parts.

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